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6 Hudson Valley Parent n August 2018 Publisher TERRIE GOLDSTEIN Editor CASSIDY BRIGHTON Dir. of Consumer Development PAMELA PERRY Dir. of Business Development KATHLEEN MERZ Executive Assistant LESLIE CORTES Media Advisors CHRISTY OLIVIER MATTHEW SILVERMAN Layout & Design ENGLE PRINTING also publishers of MY family MY family Hudson Valley Parent is published monthly by: The Professional Image Marketing & Public Relations Inc. 174 South Street • Newburgh, NY 12550 Phone: 845-562-3606 • Fax: 845-562-3681 This publication is copyrighted by the publisher. Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Hudson Valley Parent welcomes submissions, although we cannot accept responsibility for work submitted nor guarantee publication. A t Berea Elementary School in Montgomery, the end of the year brings something special for third graders. I remember the June of my third-grade year there. Days were filled with movies, end-of-the-year parties and last-minute lessons (I admittedly couldn't stay focused on). On one of the last days of school that year, a highly anticipated assembly interrupted our daydreams of summer. Third graders filed into the auditorium for a presentation on the instruments you could play in the fourth-grade band. Our music teacher put each instrument together, played a short melody and let us touch the shiny brass instruments, delicate woodwinds and even let us take a swing on the percussion section. That summer, my mother and I shopped at a local music store for my very first clarinet. When September rolled around I was thrilled to tote my shiny black instrument and a fresh case of reeds to my music lessons. My mother wasn't as thrilled that I squeaked my new clarinet around the house all night, but she was supportive and bought ear plugs to help her muscle through the beginning stages. I loved my music lessons and as I got older, my clarinet took the back seat to new musical endeavors. I learned how to play the piano, picked up the ukulele and my most prized possession is still the guitar I got for Christmas when I was in high school. When I was growing up, I was involved in loads of different enrichment activities. I took dance class, joined drama groups and even gave baseball a try (it wasn't for me, much to my father's chagrin). The Hudson Valley was full of fun things for me to be a part of and my mother signed me up for it all! Not sure where to start when it comes to signing up your child this fall? Hudson Valley Parent has a jam packed online guide at The opportunities for your children may seem endless. Before you start back-to-school shopping and back-to-school stressing, take some time to enjoy the last moments of summer with your family. This month, we have gathered up tons of places to go and things to do with your family during the hazy days of summer. As a brand new Wappingers Falls resident, I will definitely be using the article in this month's magazine on hidden gems in Dutchess County for some weekend inspiration. Here at Hudson Valley Parent, we are holding onto that summer feeling for as long as we can. We have contests with huge prizes running until the very end of summer. Head to to see how you can amp up the fun before school is in session. Hudson Valley enrichment activities…sign me up, Mom! CASSIDY BRIGHTON Editor's Journal

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