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6 Hudson Valley Parent n December 2018 F or the most part, my family grew up without any major health scares. Of course, that doesn't mean that my mother was a stranger to the sterile walls of an urgent care center. Three kids meant late night runs for ear infections and nebulizer treatments and even a sprained ankle or two during basketball season. When I was ten years old, I was diagnosed with a type of hypothyroidism, which meant visits to an endocrinologist became part of my normal. But during the winter of 2009, my twin brother got sick. One day, just about a week after our fourteenth birthday and a party with friends, he woke up with what we thought was laryngitis. My mom blamed it on a late night with his friends, gave him some orange juice and soup and let him rest. But when his voice didn't come back, my mother started to worry. My brother went through tons of tests to rule out scary stuff like cancer, and was eventually diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal cord that had been caused by a simple virus. The months that followed were hard. We were convinced that Christopher would never speak above a whisper again. A boy that loved to sing and shout and laugh was quiet constantly and it was very sad to see. Intelligent doctors that took a real interest in my brother's case made what could have been a traumatizing experience, much easier. After a few very quiet months of late worried nights, a procedure from a local doctor corrected the cord that had stopped working. My mother will always be thankful for the doctors and medical professionals that helped my twin and gave him his voice back. When families like mine go through some sort of medical trauma, they search for doctors that will help them through it with compassion and knowledge. A strong, caring doctor could be what gives a family hope during the tough times. Whether you are looking for a specialist to care for your family during something scary or you are in the market for a new pediatrician or dentist, Hudson Valley Parent has you covered with another (very long) list of trusted, local doctors. When moms need advice, they turn to their friends. Look at our health guide full of our 2018 Favorite Docs the same way; a trusted friend with helpful advice! Readers and parents just like you nominated the doctors that their families couldn't live without. I would personally like to extend a hearty thank you to every doctor that was nominated. It takes hours of hard work to treat patients with patience and kindness. I am very grateful for the doctors that I see. Hudson Valley Parent would also like to thank every single one of our readers who shared their stories and nominations with us. We strive to be a trusted resource when parents are looking for doctors and we couldn't do that without your help. While you are still feeling the grateful holiday spirit, take a moment to thank your doctors and the medical professionals that go the extra mile for you and your loved ones. A happy, healthy family is the best gift any of us could receive all year long. Is there a doctor in the house? CASSIDY BRIGHTON Editor's Journal Publisher TERRIE GOLDSTEIN Editor CASSIDY BRIGHTON Dir. of Consumer Development PAMELA PERRY Dir. of Business Development KATHLEEN MERZ Executive Assistant LESLIE CORTES Media Advisor MATTHEW SILVERMAN Cover Photography MICHAEL BLOOM Layout & Design ENGLE PRINTING also publishers of MY family MY family Hudson Valley Parent is published monthly by: The Professional Image Marketing & Public Relations Inc. 174 South Street • Newburgh, NY 12550 Phone: 845-562-3606 • Fax: 845-562-3681 This publication is copyrighted by the publisher. Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Hudson Valley Parent welcomes submissions, although we cannot accept responsibility for work submitted nor guarantee publication.

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