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16 Hudson Valley Parent n August 2019 better mother when I can focus on other things in my life - like my coaching practice. Now, as my daughter's first birthday approaches, we have adjusted well - all four of us. None of my worst fears about having a second child have come to fruition. I think my son sometimes recognizes that he does not get as much attention as he used to. It still breaks my heart a little. But the unquantifiable love I have for both of my children equally is moving. Ilana Charette is the lap band weight loss surgery coach for women who are struggling with weight regain since pregnancy/kids. Certified through The Life Coach School, she coaches women to learn how to trust themselves and their bodies again. Follow more of her journey at And-A-Profit-Margin It takes time to adjust For me, it took months (yes, months!) to get comfortable leaving the house alone with both of my children. First, to the library and as I got more confident in myself as a mother of two, I was willing to try new experiences with them - always with a second adult first and then alone. One of the ways I adjusted my life to being a mother of two is that I am very intentional with the alone time I am able to carve out. Stealing five minutes here or there is a tremendous way to realign with who you are and what kind of mom you want to be. The beauty this offers is that your children (and your partner - and even you!) then get to experience the best version of you. Since having my second, I have been staying at home. Thankfully, my son still goes to daycare two days per week. The goal for me is to eventually move both of my children into full time daycare because I recognize that I am a Alissa Theodor is currently pregnant with her second child and is having extreme anxiety this time around. She wonders if she is mentall or physically ready. Nicole Simmons says that your heart doesn't divide, it grows big enough to feel love for all of your babies. ANOTHER CHILD (Continued from Page 15)

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