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Page 14 of 31 n Hudson Valley Parent 15 four grandchildren, Marcia M. Salton says her key to a happy extended family life is hosting everyone for vacations at her house on the lake. 4. Set a good example Salton wasn't always sure she was doing the right thing. As a By OLIVIA L. LAWRENCE G randparents have a lot to offer when it comes to the wisdom they've accumulated over the years from their parenting experiences. In honor of their many contributions to family life and National Grandparents Day on September 8, we wanted to hear the timeless advice they have to share with modern parents. 1. Bond through books Elizabeth "Betty" Jurgens of Cornwall has four children, ten grandchildren and five great grandchildren. As an author of local history as well as children's books, she always reads to her children and grandchildren. "There's a special bond there," she says. 2. Enforce the value of education Jurgens went to college when she was in her 60s and believes that set an example for her family. "Education is so important," she insists. 3. Stay connected with planned family time With her children spread out across four states, Jurgens initiated an annual family reunion. The weekend event has been a vital part of keeping their family connected. "I'm glad we have a family reunion every year. It's wonderful and the little ones really enjoy it." With three grown children plus working mother during the 1970s and 1980s, she started out on the lower tier of the employment ladder and eventually worked her way up to the level of executive administrator. That path meant juggling priorities, a balance 15 lessons you can learn from your grandmother Grandparents pass on powerful life lessons to the next generation Jean Ries is a hands on grandmother to her seven grandchildren and great grandson, Augus- tus (pictured). She says that working hard and taking time for yourself are keys to happiness. (Continued on Page 16)

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