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My "must-have" items for the first 6 weeks 1.  Lansinoh HPA Lanolin (for sore and cracked nipples) 2.  Little Remedies Gas Drops 3.  Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper 4.  Boppy Pillow 5.  Fisher Price Little Lamb Swing Theresa gets some much-needed fresh air with her newborn daughter, Chloe. HVP Chatroom What advice would you give for the first 6 weeks?" "Nap when baby naps. There's so much to do, but taking a nap and resting is more important. The mess will and can wait." — Sara Howell, Monroe "I wish I had snuggled a little bit more and listened to people a little bit less. Breasfeeding was harder than I expected, but overcoming our issues was easier than I expected. Giving birth made me stronger." — Amy Gallagher, Fishkill "Advice I wished I had gotten was that it's OK to feel completely overwhelmed! As a first-time mom — and to a preemie at that — I had not prepared myself for delivering a pre-term baby and having to leave him behind in the NICU! It was scary, overwhelming and harder than I imagined it would ever be. It was a great learning experience and only made me a stronger mom in more ways than one." — Elizabeth Bruck-Damiano, Town of Wallkill "The laundry and cleaning can wait! Accept help and meals from family and friends." — Amanda Snell, Monroe that my way was the best way for me and that was perfectly fine." Wise words to live by. I really do have to calm myself down and reflect on what I have done so far with my daughter and what works for us. I have been reading so many articles, taking tons of unsolicited advice, making myself absolutely nuts trying to put every method into action, and quite frankly, it's exhausting. Instead of beating myself up about what's not working, I should try and focus on what has been working well for me. There is no rule book for us new moms to follow. Believe me, I wish there was! The only way we can make it through is with trial and error and the support of others. That's the number one thing that has gotten me through this so far. During one of my many phone conversations with my older sister, she said to me, "Just remember, you'll get through this. Think about it. Look back on things like tough times during your pregnancy, your labor. It was long and difficult, but somehow you just got through it. You'll get through this, too." Even though I may not be able to see that right now, I know she's right. There's a learning curve and I need to remember to cut myself some slack. For all the new moms out there — and not-so new moms — remember to take a moment and give yourself a break. We are all doing an amazing job. Theresa Narvesen is a proud new mom to her first child Chloe. n Hudson Valley Parent 11

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