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ORANGE RHINO (Continued from Page 13) apologizing. Being honest with your children and acknowledging that you made a mistake, she says, is good modeling. Second, she suggests asking your children what they think you could have done differently in the situation instead of yelling. This empowers kids to problem solve. "Every day is a new opportunity," says Dr. Powell-Lunder. "It is never too late to turn things around." Dawn Green is a freelance writer and mother to two boys in Saugerties. Why is it called the "Orange Rhino"? (845) 294-5434 14 Hudson Valley Parent n January 2014 The blog writer says she chose the rhino as her mascot because rhinos are tenacious and vigorous animals who are naturally peaceful, but display aggressive behavior when provoked. "I am totally a rhino. But I don't want to be aggressive; I want to lose that and gain the vigorous part," she says on her blog "I need more warmth and energy. Clearly, I need a little more of the color orange in my life especially since it also conjures up feelings of determination which I am most definitely going to need more of in order to conquer this challenge."

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