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Page 13 of 45 ■ Hudson Valley Parent 13 !" # $ % $"& # '( ) )"*" ) + $"," $" - # # " , . $# - #+& "$ , - " /# $ # 0 0, 12 & , " # # 3 # 3 # 45 -$ , "# $ $"# $ !"!#"!$ ! !""# ! $!%&##'#&#& $!(($ " ) * ) * ) +(,, ) -', .% + # /0)1 2 3- ! • As a Reform synagogue, we focus on the meaning and values of Judaism • We help families connect to their Jewish heritage and be part of a community • We offer a non-judgmental atmosphere for interfaith families As a Reform synagogue we we focus on the mean eaning and values of Jud Judais aism :WPYP[\HSUV[YLSPNPV\Z& >L\UKLYZ[HUK^OH[¸ZWPYP[\HSUV[YLSPNPV\Z¹TLHUZ¯ • A • We • A • • Family Shabbat ͻReligious School ͻBar and Bat Mitzvah [IQUL^I\YNOVYN ͻ9HIIP-YLLKTHUL_[ ;LTWSL )L[O 1HJVI Finding 'me' time after baby H aving a baby shouldn't mean that your time for yourself is gone; it just means that you need to work harder to make time for yourself. Mom and toy inventor Julie Tabor Thompson offers these ideas for finding some personal time: Use nap time When baby is asleep, this is the best time for parents to get in anything that they have been putting off. Do what makes you feel most relaxed, wheth- er that's through reading a book, giving yourself a manicure, or catch- ing up on your favorite TV show. Take longer showers As a parent you learn to cher- ish those peaceful moments in the shower without having baby around. A long, hot shower feels amazing after a day of hard work and chasing around a little one. Take turns with your partner Raising a child is easiest when you have a partner with whom you can take turns when it comes to watching the baby. If one of you re- ally needs a break, it's nice knowing that you have someone else who can take over for a bit. Have a date night At least once a month, find a babysitter or someone you trust to watch the baby for a few hours at night. This "we" time helps to keep you and your partner connected and is a way to rekindle the romance that sometimes gets lost after having a baby. New moms

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