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24 Hudson Valley Parent ■ September 2014 By JACQUELINE BAIR A s parents, we are constantly working education into our young children's everyday lives before they even reach pre- school. We count cars, interpret colors, identify shapes, and so on. But when it comes to basic sci- ence, many parents feel at a loss. Maybe you didn't get A's in your high school chemistry class. Maybe you even fell asleep in your college biology class (or dropped science like a dead weight the minute you got to college). Fear not! The Hudson Valley offers parents many resources to help tie science into everyday life — meaning you can still raise your own miniature Marie Curie or Nikola Tesla! 'Family Mole Night' Every October, the chemistry de- partment of SUNY New Paltz invites children to come "guess and test" when they host a local "Family Mole Night" that coincides with National Chemistry Week. During this night, the children run a handful of experiments with guid- ance from chemistry students. Erica Chase-Salerno of New Paltz brought her children, Declan, 11, and Quinn, 8, last year and said that they had a blast. "My kids loved making the ice cream with liquid nitrogen," she says. "They got a kick out of the cupcake periodic table. My son was wowed by fl ames that change color according to the fuel source. They appreciated the chance to work with college students, and we love that it's free!" For more information, visit lenight. Mad about science! The Hudson Valley's best places to teach your little ones about science Science can be found everywhere, even in your own home or backyard. The Hudson Valley offers parents many resources to help tie science into everyday life. Make sure to visit hvpar- to fi nd more great places to learn about science with your kids.

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