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4 Hudson Valley Parent ■ September 2014 In this issue 8 I am a Hudson Valley parent Tracey Bartels: Advocating for the next generation BY KATHLEEN WILLCOX 11 Enrichment Guide Find 10 of the best after-school activities for your child. 24 Mad about science! The region's best places to teach your little ones about science BY JACQUELINE BAIR 14 Ending the 'mommy wars' Hudson Valley mothers celebrate their dierences BY ROXANNE FERBER 18 Raising a musical child A local music teacher oers advice to parents BY LEANNE SOWUL 21 Cover Kid winners Your votes are in! Congratulations to the winners of our 2014 Cover Kid contest. 22 Food & Wellness Guide A special HVP section oers advice from the experts. 28 Terrors in the night! Just a bad dream? Or something worse? BY THERESA NARVESEN COLUMNS FEATURES 5 Family Life: Gluten-free diet can lack important nutrients 6 Editor's Journal: The bus stops here BY KATY WEBER 7 Child Behavior: Is your child an underachiever? BY DR. PAUL SCHWARTZ 13 New Moms: Finding 'me' time after baby 16 Common Core @ Home: Dear Je, What's an 'area model'? 32 Dining Out: Aladdin Café in Hopewell Junction 34 Calendar: Great places to go and things to do 40 Marketplace: Hudson Valley products and services ON OUR COVER HV PARENT READER FEEDBACK What do you handle dierently with your other children than you did with your rst? "I'm less eager to solve every minor issue and I have more confi- dence that things are going to work themselves out as time passes." — Bryanne Figlia "With my first, I recorded every first and monthly weight and height. With my third, I woke up two years later and realized I had not recorded a single thing. I also learned not to make a big production out of breast- feeding. With my first, it was 'find a quiet spot, get the Bobby, burp cloth, nursing cover, etc.' By No. 3, it was 'lift up shirt, latch and continue with what ever I was doing.'" — Beth Rose "For me, not much. I am a pretty laid back parent. The only things I can think of is that by #2, I skipped puréed baby food and went straight to table food for the rest of them. And with #5, I am delaying vaccines until she is 2." — Danielle Dapp "I'm less anxious with many things. I don't go to the doctor each time his nose runs. I'll forget to celebrate the time he was born every month. I jokingly hash tag #sec - ondborn on posts where the baby is getting the shaft." — Gloria Darmanin "Just about everything!" — Rhonda Stoel This month's cover kid is Kayla Tracy, 14, from Wappingers. Kayla is entering the 10th grade. She loves eld hockey, lacrosse, singing, playing guitar, writing songs and poet- ry, acting, reading, science and Italian. Photo by Michael Bloom

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