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30 Hudson Valley Parent ■ September 2014 'Punching and hitting me' Jen Alleva of Fishkill spoke to therapist Beth Reiman of Family Works in Hawthorne to try and get to the bottom of her son Nick's sleep disruptions when she noticed they were a bit more intense than the average nightmare. "When I first started dealing with it, I pulled him out of bed, afraid he would wake the baby, and he flipped out on me, punching and hitting me. It took me three times longer to calm him down because I moved him," she says. "My pediatrician, Dr. Jaime Odell in Yorktown Heights, told me if I pinpoint the exact time it is hap- pening, I may be able to bypass it by gently moving or semi-waking him up to disrupt that transition period." Alleva says Dr. Odell also noted that night terrors occur when a child is falling asleep and his body moves into a deep sleep. This is what makes it difficult to wake a child if this happens. "Just talk softly and gently, pos- sibly rubbing their back, trying to smooth them over to a calm, deep sleep," she said. What should you do? So what should you do if you think your child is experiencing night terrors? Let's recap the advice given to us by the moms featured above. Leave them in their crib or bed, and do not disturb them. If the child is going to harm herself, or seems violent, the consensus says only then should you interfere. Staying by her side and keeping a close watch on her is key. Letting the episode play out and run its course may be hard, but it seems to be the most effective remedy. Do anything you can to soothe her and make her feel comforted without moving her. Discover the relief you desire for you and your child! • Structural Correction focuses on changing the body naturally. • Address the cause of: scoliosis, migraines, body pain, lack of energy and more • Stop treating symptoms. We help fi x the problem. FREE Consultation 845-485-5656 205 South Avenue, Suite 107 • Poughkeepsie TERRORS IN THE NIGHT (Continued from Page 29)

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