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Page 23 of 45 ■ Hudson Valley Parent 23 KARATE BIRTHDAY PARTIES! "Every child participates & has fun!" " A non-stop great time!" Your child doesn't have to be a student to have a FUNTASTIC PARTY! For over 30 years, we have provided children with a unique, action-packed day. Party favors include free classes! grea Call now to fi nd out more and reserve a date! 845-784-4064 WWW.TSK.COM HVP10983 Decoding some foodie codes Confused by all of the jargon? You're not alone. We researched the meanings of common terms so you know what you're buying. Find even more foodie codes at Arti cial hormones Some nonorganic dairy and meat farmers regularly inject their animals with artifi cial growth hormones to boost milk production, enhance breeding and make them bulk up faster. Cage-free eggs Hens labeled "cage free" are usually inside barns and are not given access to the outdoors. "Free-range" means hens must have access to the outdoors, but still there are no restrictions on the type or duration of access. GMO A genetically modifi ed organ- ism is an organism or microor- ganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering. Unlike cross breeding or hybridization — both of which involve related species and can happen in nature — ge- netic engineering breaches natu- rally occurring barriers between species to produce something that could not exist with human in- tervention. (For example, straw- berries injected with fi sh genes to protect them from freezing). Organic The most heavily regulated offi cial food system. When the USDA labels something as or- ganic it means there are no toxic synthetic pesticides, toxic syn- thetic herbicides or chemical NPK fertilizers used in producing the food and no antibiotics or growth hormones given to animals.

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