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28 Hudson Valley Parent ■ May 2015 in generating ideas for how to spend this time, says Mauriello. "Letting kids take the lead on find- ing and even creating new activities to do without screens encourages creativity, while parent-led activity encourages the same kind of passiv- ity as the TV, which defeats part of the purpose of going screen-free," she says. "Added bonus: less work for parents!" For older kids who might be really struggling with (or even vocally re- sentful of) going screen-free, parents might suggest having the kids create something for the medium they miss the most. "If it's TV the child is missing, have them write the ideal TV show that they'd want to watch — not something that's already on TV, but an entirely new show created by them," Mauriello suggests. "If they miss playing on the smart- phone or tablet, have them draw up a plan for creating the ideal app that they'd love for that platform. Though they're still thinking about their beloved devices, in this way they're also being creative rather than passive consumers of media made by someone else. And who knows? Maybe they'll come up with something really good that they can actually sell or promote!" What about work and school? Both often require computer use, and more and more, we rely on screens to communicate. The official Screen-Free Pledge reads: "Watch no TV or DVDs, play no video or mobile games, and only use the computer if it's required for work [or school]." You can download your copy of the pledge at Adapt the pledge to cover other devices, like smart phones, or uses, SWITCHING OFF (Continued from Page 26) '*-BWa[Ijh[[jD[mXkh]^"DO 845.446.4076 '*-BWa[Ijh[[jD[mXkh]^"DO 845.563.8000 Most insurances accepted, including Medicaid and Medicare. Top-rated, kid-friendly Medical Care for life's little "UH-OH" MOMENTS PEDIATRIC URGENT CARE CONVENIENT FOR YOU, KID-FRIENDLY FOR YOUR CHILDREN: ;nfh[iiH[]_ijhWj_ed A_Z#

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