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Meet award winning picture book authors Doreen Rappaport, Lady Liberty: A Biography; Gary Golio, Bird and Diz; and Susanna Reich, Fab Four Friends: The Boys Who Became the Beatles — talented writers who make history fun. Share the excitement as these gifted wordsmiths bring the people and events of the past to life. Students who entered this year's young writers' showcase will read from their work, including those whose stories have been published in a •'‡…‹ƒŽƒ•–Š'Ž'‰›ä'•ï–•‹••–Š‹•†‹•'Žƒ›'ˆ–Š‡Ð‹•‡•–›'—•‰Ž‹–‡"ƒ"›–ƒŽ‡•–• in the area! Danger! YA Fiction Can Be Deadly ™'–‹•‡ƒ–‹'•ƒŽ''•™ƒ"†Ð‹•ƒŽ‹•–Ž‹'–…Š"‡ˆ‡"áThreatened; accom- plished novelist Laura Wiess, Me After You; and gifted newcomer Kathryn Holmes, The Distance Between Lost and Found, share their cutting-edge Ћ…–‹'•‹•˜'Ž˜‹•‰–‡‡••‹•†‹•–"‡••ä•"'•–Š‡Œ—•‰Ž‡•'ˆ•ƒ„'•á–'–Š‡•'•› Mountains, and the more hidden perils of suburbia, their characters •‡‰'–‹ƒ–‡ –Š‡ –"‡ƒ…Š‡"'—• 'ƒ–Š –' ƒ†—Ž–Š''†ä •Œ'› ƒ• —' …Ž'•‡ ƒ•† '‡"•'•ƒŽ‡•…'—•–‡"™‹–Š–Š"‡‡'ˆ–Š‡Ð‹•‡•– ƒ—–Š'"•ä äää-€‚ƒ-„…äää\ CALLING ALL YOUNG WRITERS! Details on how to enter the Young Writers Showcase can be found on our website! Deadline is May 18. . . The following are being held in the Children's Room at the Millbrook Free Library M I L L B R O O K L I T E R A R Y F E S T I V A L 2 0 1 5 S AT U R DAY, M AY 3 0 Free Events for the Whole Family to Enjoy! . . . Ћ•†'—–•'"‡ƒ–™™™ä•‹ŽŽ„"''•ˆ‡•–‹˜ƒŽä'"‰ Like Us on Facebook Picture the Past Authors of Today and Tomorrow 10AM-10:45AM 11AM-12:00PM 1:00PM-1:45PM Review it! NEW AT HVPARENT.COM this ad was sponsored by

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