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Page 34 of 47 ■ Hudson Valley Parent 35 Reserve two to three hours Plan your jam making adventure with an uninterrupted block of time. For more fun, invite some friends to join you. Our family often holds jam-making sessions with friends to share the work and to pass along the skills to others. Set up your work area Clear your kitchen table or counter to make space for your supplies and for working. Make room on the stove for three pots (one for cooking the jam, one for heating jar lids and the third for the boiling canner). Gather your supplies One of the drawbacks to trying out home preserving has typically been the expense of investing in supplies. Hot water bath processing (recom- mended by the USDA) requires a large canning pot with a rack and accessories, which can cost up to $50. (Continued on Page 38) Supplies you'll need: · 3 pint or 6 half-pint glass canning jars · 1 two-piece cap for each jar (with a new lid to match the jar size - either wide-mouth or regular) · Sugar · Pectin (a thickening agent available in liquid or powder; it's found in the baking aisle of your local supermarket) · Potato masher for crushing the berries · Metal spoon · Rubber Scraper · Large bowl · 6- to 8-quart sauce pot · Ladle · Lid wand (for removing lids from hot water. Tongs will also work) · Jar lifter · Wide mouth funnel · Large canning pot with rack insert (stockpot and rack insert) 5 A healthy pregnancy ? 5 Being a new parent? 5 Your baby's health? 5 Raising a strong family? We have answers! Our dedicated health specialists will help you with your new parenting questions and bring answers right to your home! If you are expecting or have a new baby, now is the time to call. It's free! Call 1-800-811-3914 u l s t e r c o u n t y h e a l t h y f a m ili e s a program of Do you have questions about... Healthy Families New York supported by Time is running out! Which kids will be our next cover kids? Visit contests.hvparent to cast your ballot Online voting continues through August 5 th Winners will be announced on August 12 th

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