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4 Hudson Valley Parent n April 2016 ON OUR COVER In this issue COLUMNS FEATURES 6 Editor's Journal: A little of this, a little of that BY FELICIA HODGES 30 Awww!: Our "Cutest Kid" contest winners 32 Calendar: Great places to go and things to do 38 Marketplace: Hudson Valley products and services HV PARENT READER FEEDBACK How do you feel about breastfeeding in public? "I don't even understand why it's even a question. Covered, uncovered - whatever works for both mom and baby. It really should just be the norm by now." — Kaitlyn Schneider "Adults don't eat their lunches hiding under sheets or sitting in a bathroom stall, babies shouldn't either." — Christina Elston Gallagher "Don't like it? Don't look. My breasts were formed (evolutionari- ly speaking) solely to feed babies. The way I see it, back when I was I breastfeeding mom, I SHOULD have felt comfortable breastfeeding in public, but I usually felt like an outsider." — Victoria Rothman "NYS law protects moms' rights and babies need to eat!" — Stephanie Sosnowski "If the mother is comfortable with it, that's all that should matter. Others should just mind their own business and go on with their day." — Kalani Ma "My Southern relatives were more comfortable with certain people sitting at the back of a bus ... but I would hope that years after the Civil Rights bill was passed local papers weren't still asking people if they were ok with the changes!" — Kathleen Carpenter 8 I am a Hudson Valley Parent David Hambleton: Raising crops and raising children BY BRIAN PJ CRONIN 10 Carrots, Kale and Cucumbers – Oh, my! A guide to area community farm programs Find a CSA program that works for you and your family. BY COLLEEN THORNTON 16 Doctor Q&A for f irst-time parents Area pediatricians answer questions about newborns. 18 How necessary are prenatal vitamins? What might your doctor might prescribe when you're pregnant? BY LINDA FREEMAN 22 Top tips for new mommies Find ways to f ine-tune your mothering instinct without the panic BY ERIN JOHNSON 26 Cover Kids past: Where are they now? Former Cover Kids talk about how winning launched their careers. BY BRITTANY L. MORGAN 28 Return to the wild: The rescue, rehab and release of Felicia the eagle A bird's-eye view of the plight of an injured American Bald Eagle. BY FELICIA HODGES This month's cover kid is Naina, a now 18-month-old from the Town of Wallkill who attends the Everything Grows Childcare and Learning Center. According to her parents, she is a social butterfly who loves to dance, swim, read and engage in imaginative play. Photo by Michael Bloom

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