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Page 28 of 43 n Hudson Valley Parent 29 decreased penis sensitivity, and even a decrease in emotional sensi- tivity are all possible side-effects of circumcision. But medical experts suggest otherwise. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) argues that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks and they recommend leaving the decision on whether or not to circumcise to parents while supporting the use of anesthetics for infants who have the procedure. According to, the benefits of circumcision could include: • Easier hygiene because circum- cision makes it simpler to wash the penis (although washing beneath the foreskin is generally pretty easy). • Decreased risk of urinary tract infections - Males general have a relatively low risk of UTIs, but they can be more common in those who are not uncircumcised. • Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections - Males who have been circumcised might have a lower risk of certain sexually trans- mitted infections, including HIV. • Decreased risk of penile cancer – It is rare, but it is less common in men who have been circumcised and cervical cancer is less common in their female sexual partners. They also add that circumcision doesn't affect fertility, nor is it gen- erally thought to enhance or detract from sexual pleasure for men or Circumcision can be traced back to ancient times…showing up ritualistically in Egypt, the Middle East, Australia and Polynesia. DEC 3-18 (WEEKENDS) TICKETS $18-$50 visit or 845-235-9885 half moon theatre T H E C U L I N A RY I N ST I T U T E O F A M E R I C A M A R R I OT T PAV I L I O N P R E S E N T S BY C H A R L E S D I C K E N S A N E W A DA P TAT I O N BY G E O F F T A R S O N D I R E C T E D BY M I C H A E L S C H I R A L L I AT 2A::E 0E:-95/ 2-?@ <-/10 B1>?5;:;2@45?4;850-E2-B;>5@1 Mountain Laurel Waldorf School ANNUAL WINTER FAIRE SUNDAY DECEMBER 11 11AM - 4PM Star Penny Puppetry • Gift Making • Children's Games • Outdoor Barbeque Roasted Chestnuts • Wreath Decorating • Music and more 16 SOUTH CHESTNUT STREET, NEW PALTZ (845)255-0033 (Continued on Page 30) NEW HACKENSACK NURSERY SCHOOL "We encourage, nurture, and teach... ey explore, learn, and fl ourish! OPEN HOUSE - January 18 6:30-7:30 Snow Date: January 19 PROGRAMS FOR AGES 3 & 4 Come explore the classrooms with your child & meet the teachers! 1580 Rte. 376 • Wappingers Falls 845-462-0810, ext. 3 Like Us On

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