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24 Hudson Valley Parent n March 2017 By STACEY LUTZ A re you pregnant and in need of some pampering? Or feeling the effects of a little human growing inside of you and need some relief? A prenatal mas- sage can help relieve and reduce the not so joyful issues that can be a part of one life's most blissful of times. Pregnant women get prenatal massage in order to help relieve back and hip pain, muscle tension, swelling, sciatica nerve pain and headaches. Massage might also help expectant moms with the stress and anxiety that can be associated with an upcoming birth. Muriel Lyn Morgan, a New York state licensed massage therapist in Greenwood Lake in Orange County offers prenatal massage during cli- ents" second and third trimester, but only after their doctors have given the "green light." In addition to alleviating aches and pains, Morgan says these mas- sages improve circulation, which aids in better sleep, and ease stress on the body and mind. "You have another being inside of you that is taking over your body without any of your control. Some- times those little aches turn into big aches, and it can make you misera- ble," Morgan says, adding that she, herself, went for massages while pregnant. Massage helps expectant moms

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