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Page 26 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 27 !!! ! ! !! ! !!!! ! !!!!! Register Now for Summer 2017 Frozen grapes - They help keep the lunch cool and are defrosted when it's time to eat. I throw in other fresh fruit, as well. A special treat - Sometimes I'll give her a brownie or small bag of chips. Other days, I toss in a dollar and let her choose something from the concession stand. She's active and burning off the calories, so I don't worry about her enjoying a treat. Extra ice packs - Most camps don't have refrigerators available to store campers' lunches. That means food can be out in warmer tempera- tures for several hours before it's time to eat. No one wants to eat a warm lunch in the heat of summer, so invest in a good quality insulat- ed lunchbox and ice packs to keep sandwiches and snacks cool. Sunscreen - Putting it in the lunchbox helps to remind kids to re- apply it. It also keeps it cool, which feels refreshing on hot, sweaty skin. Love notes or mementos from home - My daughter loves camp, but she misses home more than she does during a school day. Little notes or trinkets help her get through the day without too much homesickness. A refillable water bottle and flavor packets - Fill the bottle with ice and water. Throw in some single-serve drink mix packs (lemonade, fruit punch, etc.) This will encourage your child to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Playing outside in the hot sun all day takes a lot of energy. Most children need more food and more hydration than normal. Pack plenty of healthy snacks and drinks, in ad - dition to lunch, to keep them going strong throughout the day. Rachael Moshman has been published in parenting magazines on four continents, as well as on many prominent websites. She lives with her husband, daughter, four cats, and one dog.

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