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36 Hudson Valley Parent n December 2017 highly encourage skin to skin contact right after delivery, breast feeding as soon as possible after delivery and delaying any medications for as long as we are allowed to, or as long as we can, to allow that time for mom and baby to be together," says Desa. "We keep that sacred first hour to encourage the family to bond and to really adjust to having this new baby in their life." Jennyfer Cruz-Bernave wanted a water birth, but it wasn't available at the time she was in labor, so she chose a natural birth at the hospital instead. "I wanted to be an active participant throughout labor and have minimal routine intervention," she says. "For my first daughter, I felt a strong feeling of empowerment during labor, and after labor I felt so accomplished. I felt like super mom." Kahla Johnson Skonber always wanted an at home water birth too. "My labor and delivery was very calm and quiet and they let me do what my body told me, instead of them telling me what to do," says Skonber. Decide on a plan with your doctor Deciding on what birthing option is best starts with a conversation between the mom and her obstetrician. "We keep an open conversation with our mothers as to how they want their birth to go," says Desa. "I highly encourage mothers to take a childbirth class or do some reading or talk with their OB as to what options they would like to have. It's good if moms come with an idea but also with an open mind." Some medical reasons may dictate what choices you have. "If you decide that you had wanted an epidural, you can't use the birthing tub," says Desa. "If the baby has passed a bowel movement while it was inside, you wouldn't deliver in the tub either. If there are any signs that the baby is in distress, you wouldn't be in the tub, because we couldn't make sure that the baby stays safe." Christine Vinson was hospitalized for severe morning sickness. "I was in labor for nearly 30 hours. My doctor was great and encouraged me to keep going. But, eventually I begged for a C-section and it was done. Because I was so sick and my son was small, I didn't hold him for a few hours and spent the entire day out of it. But overall recovery was easy." Research and create the right space A mom can also design her perfect environment. Desa says, "Some people will bring music, clothes that they're comfortable in and massage or scented oils that they use during labor. Whatever it is that breaks that stress, anxiety and pain cycle." HAVING A BABY (Continued from Page 35) Got a Curious Kid that you want to see on our cover?! Sponsored by ATTN: PARENTS! Visit TO BRAG!

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