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Page 36 of 47 n Hudson Valley Parent 37 Hinds explains that each woman has her own personal vision for her delivery experience, shaped by many factors. "After accounting for those factors, she should choose a venue that best suits her personal and medical needs. Women should also diligently research." Desa cautions moms about researching on the internet. "There are some good resources out there for childbirth and childbirth options, but there's also some misinformation," she says. "If you come across anything that you are concerned about, speak to your provider. I think that people do risk sometimes being misinformed." Know that plans can change Kimberlee Ann Donahue had her first son in a traditional hospital setting with an epidural. "I was about 10 seconds away from a C-section and a very skilled physician used forceps and got him out, but he ended up in the NICU for four days and that was heartbreaking." When she found out she was pregnant again, she did more research on natural childbirth. "I desired a home birth because I felt my body was designed to have a baby, and I didn't want to be pressured with the epidural. Even a well thought out birth plan can go awry. Jessica Carola had a birth plan in place, but ended up with a C-section. "I dilated two centimeters, my water broke at home a week later and dilated to 10 centimeters within a couple hours," she says. "Then I pushed for 2 1/2 hours and nothing. They rushed to do a C-section and when I asked for other options they said there was none." When Helen Hoffman gave birth to her oldest child, she had a plan but says that the hospital didn't listen to it. "I had signs on my door, and told every nurse there that I did not want narcotic drugs and not to offer them," says the Phoenicia resident. "After being in mild labor for six hours the hospital decided I was taking too long and they wanted to give me Pitocin to speed things up. I declined. There was no medical indication that Pitocin was needed." Hoffman felt bullied into using Pitocin. "My progress halted, because I couldn't stop crying from feeling my control over my birth being stripped away from me," says Hoffman. "I called for a new nurse who let me get up and move and labor in water which was amazing." "Choice matters," says Hinds. "Women today have more choices about where, when and how they will deliver their babies." Lisa Iannucci is a freelance writer based in Poughkeepsie. Her latest book, On Location: A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide, will be published February, 2018 by Globe Pequot Press. • Treating infants through teens, and children with special needs • Braces, Invisalign, Orthodontic appliances • Sedation with Nitrous Oxide • Fun & Friendly Atmosphere • Most insurances accepted • Spanish speaking doctor and staff Dr. Jeffrey J. Kim, DDS Orthodontist Dr. Agnes Barbagallo, DDS Pedodontist Providing Excellent, Comprehensive Orthodontic and Pediatric Dental Care 400 Midway Park Drive, Middletown • 845-344-4336 Favorite HUDSON VALLEY PARENT Healthcare Professionals & 2016

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