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4 Hudson Valley Parent n January 2019 In this issue FEATURES INCREDIBLE PARENTS RAISE Meet this month's cover kid Jace and his mom Kayla, from Kingston. HVP: What are some struggles you have had to overcome as a parent? Kayla: You never expect your child to have a disability. Jace has taught me so many things in his short little life so far. I haven't just become a parent, but an advocate, a teacher and a friend. HVP: Jace was featured in our November magazine because of his bravery. As he gets older, how will you continue to nurture that bravery? K: I will always remind him he has a great and loving support system beside him. I want him to never let what he may not be able to do keep him from reaching what he wants to do. HVP: What makes Jace incredible? K: He never lets anything stand in his way. He had a stroke in utero and always overcomes any obstacle with a smile. HVP: What makes you an incredible parent? K: Jace makes me incredible. He made me the parent I am today and the person I am today. Sponsored by: 7 Parents say, "Common Core is hard!" 8 resources to take the frustration out of homework time BY LISA IANNUCCI 8 I am a Hudson Valley Parent Sarah Omura used her creativity to turn her son's handmade play mats into a business that kids love and parents appreciate BY PAUL SMART 10 Me Time: Just for Women 4 beauty and fitness tips to help you be a more confident you 14 Apps that will make you celebrate "screen time" Kids learn reading, math and more on apps that feel like games BY MICHELLE PETERSON 15 Best preschools in the Hudson Valley 6 of the top schools for your little one 16 6 questions homeschoolers are sick of answering Myths about socialization, curriculum, "the real world" and more debunked by a former homeschool mom BY STEPHANIE SANDLER 19 Real Talk Tips from an expert and a mom of teens on how to have "the talk" BY DR. PAUL SCHWARTZ AND PATRICE ATHANASIDY 20 Don't let your first IEP stress you out Tips from a mom of a child on the spectrum and IEP pro BY RIELLY GREY 22 Celebrate all types of families Moms in interracial families share their struggles and triumphs BY JAMIE LOBER 26 How important is socialization to an only child? Life lessons learned through peer interaction BY JILL VALENTINO 28 Calendar Something to do for babies, teens and everyone in between!

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