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22 Hudson Valley Parent n January 2020 vided assistance in numerous ways. She helped the girls create a plan for their goal of running a camp for charity. With experience as a mother and a teacher, Colucci helped the girls decide what age range to serve at the camp, as well as what projects they would do with their charges. Together, they decided on a week- long Kids' Craft Camp to run two hours a day. Colucci helped the girls secure a donated location for the camp and took the kids shopping but had them create their list of supplies to give them as much autonomy as possible. Colucci also helped the girls create a Google Form for camp sign-up, with more than 20 children ending up attending the program. The girls saw their goal through to the end with help from Colucci and experienced invaluable learning experiences, including sharing duties and responsibilities as camp owners, organizing and doling out responsi- bilities to volunteers, and managing Jessica Carolo of Fishkill, left, worked with her daughter to help her reach her goal of improved academic success by putting in place new study habits. GOALS (Continued from Page 21) a large group of young children. In the end, the camp was a success, and the girls were able to donate $150 to Sparrow's Nest, a Hudson Valley charity that provides meals to the families coping with cancer. Colucci's daughter and her best friend have set a new goal to repeat their camp experience next summer, and likely, already possess the 'grit' needed to make that happen. With its tie to a renewed start, the beginning of a year is great time to help kids set and meet their goals, two skills they can learn and grow from as they grow into adulthood. Jill Valentino is a wife, mom of two, elementary educator, and lifelong resident of the Hudson Val- ley. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Medium @doubles- mom77.

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