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Page 22 of 46 n Hudson Valley Parent 21 *(33 4PKKSL[V^U4LKPJHSJVT Walk-In Urgent Care for Children So how can you win? Q Visit our Facebook page, or go to Q Click on "Win A $15 Gift Card" and type in your favorite vacation spot. Q You're done! Now all you have to do is wait for summer! Tell Us Your Vacation Spot AND WIN! Tell Us Your Vacation Spot AND WIN! We're having a weekly random drawing through May, and each winner receives a $15 Dunkin' Donuts gift card! to worry that an unexpected storm or unusual weather pattern may decimate their finances for that season. It also allows them to take some risks and try out new plants. Also, since they do the bulk of their marketing early in the season they have more time to devote to tending their crops. The benefits to families who join are numerous. The first and most obvious is the local fresh food, guar- anteed for approximately 20 weeks, depending on the farm. This freshness guarantee is one of the reasons that Kelly Oggen- fuss joined Huguenot Street Farm in 2004. "I love having local and organic produce in season," says the mother of two from Highland. "It is often more flavorful than grocery store produce. I also love knowing the farmers and what exactly they put on the produce. We get a weekly newsletter about what they're doing, what crops are doing well or poorly, and what techniques they're using to combat pests or disease." Good for kids Diana Hill Brooks of Red Hook has belonged to Hearty Roots Farm for the past four years. She says that eating the fresh food from the CSA share with her family was an invalu- able lesson for her children. "As a result of the abundance of "I feel like I'm giving my kids an advantage, not only in serving them organic food, but that they will know that food doesn't come from a grocery store." — Kelly Oggenfuss, Highland (Continued on Page 22) poughkeepsie day school summer programs music camps computer camps

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