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Page 8 of 46 n Hudson Valley Parent 9 0$'6&,(1&(&$03 /RFDWLRQVWKURXJKRXW5RFNODQG2UDQJH 'XWFKHVV3XWQDPDQG8OVWHU&RXQWLHV +DQGV2QDQG0LQGV2Q0DG6FLHQFHLV WKH/HDGLQJ)XQ6FLHQFH3URYLGHUIRU.LGV 6800(5 &$03723,&6 3PCPUJDTr/BUVSFr4FDSFU"HFOU-BC /"4"+PVSOFZ*OUP0VUFS4QBDF .BE.BDIJOFT$SB[Z$POUSBQUJPOT $VN$ERXWRXU([FLWLQJ 6FKRRO3URJUDPV%LUWKGD3DUWLHV 3UH6FKRRO3URJUDPV "ODJFOU"EWFOUVSFT#VSJFE#POFT (845) 294-5434 4DJFODF.ZTUFSJFT'BOUBTUJD'PSDFT New Party Choice... New Price $7.95 13-19 Railroad Avenue Middletown, NY 10940 (845) 343-8121 We BOWL Kids Over With BIRTHDAY FUN! Baby's sleep rhythms G iven that we spend a third of our lives in slumber, it's surprising that very few of us understand the biological processes that dictate a baby's waking and non-waking hours. Understanding a child's need for restor- ative sleep helps us as parents to make sure we are putting them down for a nap at the right crest of their biological sleep wave. The author and pediatrician Marc Weissbluth uses a surfing analogy to explain how to catch the best nap time for your little one: "The magic moment is a slight quieting, a lull in being busy, a slight staring off, and a hint of calmness. If you catch this wave of tiredness and put the child to sleep then, there will be no crying. I like the analogy of surfing, because timing is so important there, too; you have to catch the wave after it rises enough to be recognized but before it crashes." We are all born with an innate bio- logical clock, but newborns take time to establish their circadian rhythm. This is the reason for unorganized sleep under 4 months of age. But as the baby grows — and with the help of the parents — he starts to build more of a regu- lar sleep/wake pattern and over time they start learning to sleep in sync with their internal rhythms. 'New Moms' is a monthly column dedi- cated to our readers in their earliest stages of motherhood. New moms mad science camp robotics camp nature camp space camp birthday parties school programs hands on science bowling alleys quinnz pinz family fun

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