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14 Hudson Valley Parent ■ November 2014 but his own perceptions about his lack of progress in school," Zimmer says. THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS: Obstacle course Most teens will run into a teacher conflict at some point, says Wyn- ns. "Any parent knows if you go to school long enough, it's inevitable you'll have that 'really mean' or de- manding teacher." While those experiences aren't always fun, they can teach children valuable lessons about dealing with difficult people, she notes. After ensuring that the class in question isn't too easy or too advanced for the teen's academic abilities, Wynns advises parents to avoid automatically "rescuing" teens who find themselves in a tough spot with a teacher. When parents encourage teens to continue in the class instead of granting them the easy way out, (like dropping the course) it conveys a strong message about the parent's confidence in the teen, says Wynns. Teenagers who see that a parent believes they can handle a tricky sit- uation will often rise to the occasion. Malia Jacobson is a nationally published freelance writer and mom. Has your child ever said : "My teacher hates me!"? How do you deal with your child's school drama? "I let my kids' teachers know up front what my kids are great at and what they have trouble with. I've found it very helpful. I told my daughter's teachers that she's very sensitive so she might get her feelings easily hurt and they've helped her tremendously with her self-confidence." — Erin Johnson "Fortunately she has not yet. How would I deal? Swiftly. No child should suffer such feelings from September to June. Some- times it's not a good fit and not necessarily even anyone's fault. But the child comes first." — Mary Ann McCullough "When my daughter was in first grade, she started saying it about two months into school. I found out that her teacher was a very 'old school' type of teacher and was very harsh in her speaking and not very warm. I spoke to the principal and we had a conference with the teacher. That did nothing, so I had my daughter moved to a new class and she improved tremendously. I don't feel it was anyone's 'fault,' just not a good fit for my daugh- ter. The schools are there to help. Know what you are talking about, have all the proof, and don't stop till you get what you need. I was very understanding and sincere but I knew I wanted her in a different class for her to excel. Some teachers just don't fit with some kids." — Shaun Herrman HVP Chatroom Suggested reading: Children's books about teachers and students to help foster posi- tive feelings about school: "My New Teacher and Me!" by Al Yankovic and Wes Hargis "First Day Jitters" by Julie Danne- berg and Judith Dufour Lov "The Best Teacher Ever" by Mer- cer Mayer "Teacher Appreciation Day" by Lynn Plourde and Thor Wick- strom "Because of Mr. Terupt" by Rob Buyea TEACHER (Continued from Page 12)

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