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16 Hudson Valley Parent ■ November 2014 By KELLY AURIEMMO H omeschooling can seem so daunting. Almost everyone's reaction when I tell them I homeschool is: "I could NEVER do that!" Honestly, that was also my reac- tion for several years before we de- cided to homeschool, so I get it. But it really is not as terrifying as it seems. Homeschooling can be whatever you make it. Some families do spend hours at the family table every day completing workbooks. Other fam- ilies do not complete any formal schoolwork at all. And then there is everything in between. So, if you are one of those parents who dreads sending your kids to school, but you worry that homes- chooling is just too difficult or that you are not qualified, please keep an open mind and read on. OK, I'm glad you're still here. First let's tackle some common myths about homeschooling: Myth 1: I cannot socialize my child without school This is a very popular misconcep- tion about homeschooling. However, homeschooled kids are some of the most social people I have ever met! Here in the Hudson Valley, there are so many homeschoolers and homeschool groups. We are constant- ly getting together with different groups for different reasons. There are co-ops that meet weekly, groups that just do trips together, art groups, Lego groups, Minecraft groups, ho- meschool girl scouts, sports groups, book clubs — you name it and there "We use each day as a learning experience. We connect our world through conversations and hands-on learning." — Arlene Figeuroa, homeschooling mom Homeschooling 101 A step-by-step guide to teaching your kids at home

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