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Page 36 of 41 ■ Hudson Valley Parent 35 @9;C h\Y@9;C`c[c h\Y6f]W_UbX?bcVWcbÑ[ifUh]cb h\YA]b]Ñ[ifYUbX@9;C@5B8UfYU``hfUXYaUf_gcZh\Y @9;C;fcid"&$%)H\Y@9;C;fcid" kkk"@9;C@5B88]gWcjYfm7YbhYf"Wca#KYghW\YghYf 50% Off One Adult Ticket 7cidcb8]gW`U]aYf.C YfjU`]XZcf)$c cbYghUbXUfXUXi`hUXa]gg]cbh]W_Yh df]WYUh@9;C@5B8 8]gWcjYfm7YbhYfKYghW\YghYf"AUmbchVYWcaV]bYXk]h\Ubm ch\YfX]gWcibhg Wcidcbg cfc Yfg"BchjU`]Xk]h\dfY!Vcc_YX cb`]bYh]W_Yhg UbX V]fh\XUmdUfh]Yg"Cf][]bU`WcidcbaighVYdfYgYbhYXUhh\Yh]aYcZdifW\UgY"5`` W\]`XfYbaighVYUWWcadUb]YXVmUbUXi`h"5Xi`hgaUmcb`mj]g]hk]h\UW\]`X cfcb gY`YWh5Xi`h9jYb]b[g"8id`]WUh]cbcfgU`YcZh\]gc Yf]gdfc\]V]hYX"BcWUg\jU`iY" BchfYXYYaUV`YZcfWUg\cfWfYX]h" Valid thru 1/31/2016. GC: 151024 7U``hcXUmÃ,**"&('"$++$ =bXccf5hhfUWh]cb@9;C F]XYg@9;C A=B=@5B8@9;C GhiX]cg(87]bYaU @9;C AUghYf6i]`XYf5WUXYam@9;C :UWhcfmHcif6]fh\XUmDUfh]YgG\cd7UZ President Activities. New Windsor Cantonment has a full schedule of activities, see website for more details. 10am-4pm. New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site, 374 Temple Hill Rd., New Windsor. 845-561-1765. Tuesday, February 17 Paper Angels. A multi-media program exploring Chinese immigration. Must Register. 6:30-8:30pm. Greenwood Lake Public Library, 79 Waterstone Rd., Greenwood Lake. 845-477-8377. OC Parents Of Multiples Club. Support and friendship of those who are expecting or have twins, triples and higher order multiples residing in Orange, Putnam, Sullivan, and Ulster counties. 7:30pm. Harmony Baptist Church, 1790 Rte. 211 East , Middletown. 845-820-3511. Wednesday, February 18 Come & Play. A time of play and social- izing for babies and young children ac- companied by an adult. 9:45-11:30am. Howland Public Library, 313 Main St., Beacon. 845-831-1134. Snowy Owl Day. Songs and silly move- ment games to wake up our bodies and minds. 10am-3:30pm. Wild Earth, 475 River Rd. Exd., New Paltz. 845-256-9830. Thursday, February 19 Story Time. Cozy up in the Discovery Room for a nature-themed story and an activity.10am. Mohonk Preserve, 3197 Rte. 44-55, Gardiner. 845-255-0919. Chinese New Year. Celebrate the Chi- nese New Year by creating a traditional red and gold lantern to hang in your home. 3:30pm. Mid Hudson Children's Museum, 75 N. Water St., Poughkeepsie. 845-471-0589. (Continued on Page 36) For more great calendar listings visit us online at Going Out This Weekend? Don't miss HVParent's Insider's Weekend Guide Sign up for free! 9 of the best local family-friendly events delivered to your inbox each week

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