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Page 18 of 51 ■ Hudson Valley Parent 19 medicine usually prescribes antibi- otics. These can be very effective in eradicating some of the diseases, but not Babesia. "Babesia is a parasite and does not respond to antibiotics," says Ostfeld. In that case, an entirely different treatment would be necessary. Something else to consider is that there are many side effects that can go along with these medications. Some of those side effects can include fever, headache, diarrhea, hives, itching, swelling, and more. There are also allergies to take into consid- eration. Many people are allergic to antibiotics and other medications. DelSignore uses a variety of approaches that include antibiotics, decreasing inflammation and boost- ing the immune system. "We rely heavily on homeopathics to help the immune system take over and fight the disease," she says. How to protect your family Prevention is the best way to protect your family from tick borne illness. Wearing long pants tucked into your socks, long sleeves, and a hat when outdoors is important — especially if you are headed into the woods or high grassy areas. Wear light colored clothing so ticks are easily seen. Always do a tick check on yourself and your pets, especially after being outside. Insect repellents are another way to prevent tick bites. DelSignore sug- gests using repellents that are made from natural ingredients like dande- lion and citrus, rather than DEET. Even though Lyme and other tick borne illnesses are prevalent here in the Hudson Valley, we can still go outside and enjoy all that this area has to offer. By educating ourselves, taking simple precautions, and being aware, we can keep our families safe while still having fun outdoors. Kelly Auriemmo is a mom, blogger, and special education teacher who lives in Poughkeepsie. "Mom, This is the best summer camp ever!" Register Now for 5-days of Summer Riding Fun! Western • English • Jumping • Indoor Arena • Grooming & Hoof Care • Trail Riding • Fun & Games 138 Browns Road, Walden 845-778-0250

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