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34 Hudson Valley Parent n December 2015 breastfeeding her own 5 month old daughter. The newborn was being fed formula and was vomiting, colicky, and gassy. Fleming asked the biological mother if it would be okay to breastfeed her son. Once she received permission, Fleming began breastfeeding the newborn. His symp- toms cleared up immediately. Sarah Holt of Wappingers Falls donated her breastmilk to people in need. She pumped with her first born, anticipating a return to work. "I continued to pump once or twice a day, so I'd have a store of milk for that return to the office, which never came," she says. "By the time I realized I wasn't going back, I already had gallons of frozen milk in the fridge. Back then I didn't really know any other moms, so it just sat there in my freezer until my little girl was well onto solid foods and I ended up throwing it all out. Tossing all that milk into the trash was pretty darned depressing." By the time her second and third child came along, Sarah had learned about breastmilk sharing. She knew a woman who was in need. "One mom was using a supplemental nursing system with her baby because Poly- cystic Ovarian Syndrome was wreak- ing havoc with her milk supply. We MILK SHARING (Continued from Page 33) Sarah Holt of Wappingers Falls, with her three kids, donates her breastmilk to people in need. x Drink a glass of water in the morning to start your day right – try for 8 glasses (64 oz.) throughout the day. x Water has zero calories and sugar! A switch to water from a 20 oz soda will lose 250 calories and 16 tsp of sugar. x Having a glass of water with every meal can keep you from over eating. x To prevent dehydration, drink water before you start physical activity and drink more after you are done. x Water helps keep your entire body healthy. x Water keeps your energy levels up. (845) 360-6680 Orange County Department of Health

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