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Page 20 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 21 deciphering. "I understand they're saying they're raising the bar, but it was unnecessarily tricky," she says. As for opting out, Poughkeepsie's Anna Shah, says her second grader "knows (opting out) is a political choice, [and] that we are saying that, as a family, we don't want our child in a test-prep culture. He knows the message that we're send- ing, and there's a fine line, but we're being honest with him," Kahn says. "But he says 'I'm stupid, I can't do this.' It's the parent's job to say, 'This is not your fault, this is an adult problem.'" "After seeing what we were aware of, I felt that (the standards) were quite advanced and the expectation would be quite different than what we were used to," says Shah, who is in the Spackenkill School District, and an opt-out advocate. She held her child back from kindergarten in 2012-13 because she anticipat- ed challenges with Common Core. Primarily, she didn't like how quickly the state education department rolled out the system. "There were benefits to Common Core, to the data collection, to the teacher evaluation, but instead of addressing these things from the get- go they swept things under the rug and pushed them out and hoped that (Continued on Page 22) "If one were writing a book on how to fail successfully, implementing this would've been a bestseller." KENNETH EASTWOOD Superintendent of Middletown's Enlarged CSD.

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