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26 Hudson Valley Parent n January 2016 By ROXANNE FERBER A ll my plans for this week have been stymied by that pesky cold virus. Not only are both my kids sick, but I am sick too. It is never a fair fight when mama is sick. The only thing I can do is just focus on survival. Gone are the days I can lie in bed with the covers up to my chin while the evil virus takes its course. I now have two kids, al- though sick, to entertain. Make a comfy nest in your own bed If you have a TV in your room put on a channel they will sit for, or pop in a DVD they love. Snuggle in tight with all their favorite blankets and stuffies. Watch a movie and eat popcorn Yes, even in your bed. Trust me kids love popcorn and they will pick up anything they drop like hand fed pigeons in the park. (If not that's what dust busters are for). Books on CD If TV is not your thing load up the CD player, or MP3 with digital editions of your child's favorite audio books. Snuggle with them on the 7 ways to entertain a sick kid (or two) while you are sick

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