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Page 8 of 35 n Hudson Valley Parent 9 beauty & fitness Got a minute – or 7? Waking up an extra 15-20 minutes before your children can make all the difference in how the day flows - if you use the time to get the blood circulating with a little exercise. According to New York Times blogger Gretchen Reynolds, the 7 Minute Workout - a free exercise app with 30 sec- onds for rest breaks in between each seg- ment - is more than worth a try. Because this routine is both short and intense, it's beneficial in boosting metabolism and fighting weight gain. Available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Hydration is queen! Our water drinking habits are extremely vital to our overall health. Unfortu- nately, the lack of flavor in water often turns people away from getting their proper H2O intake. Thank- fully, fruit-infused water has come to lend us a tasty hand! Make your own by slicing fruits or veggies of your choice, placing them inside your water bottle, and letting them soak for up to two hours at room temperature or in the fridge overnight. has an awesome list of recipes for you to try out, including strawberries and mint leaves or oranges and blueberries. Set- ting small goals - like finishing the 64oz bottle you fill in the morning before you go to bed each day or having one bottle of water for every non-water beverage - can also help you get the water your body needs. Skin is in Do your skin care products seem like they just aren't doing any good? It turns out, your products may not be the problem - but your routine and consistency might be. Accord- ing to blogger Aly Walansky, how you cleanse is just as important as what you use. To start, use a make-up remover, as it clears up the surface of our face. Grape- fruit facial wipes are great for this first step as they also help fight acne ($5.99 at most area CVS and Rite- Aid stores). Cleansing should follow, using lukewarm water - as extreme temperatures can cause redness or other issues. Using a toner after washing makes for a deeper cleanse, as it snatches anything the first wash might have missed. And lastly, don't forget to moisturize!

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