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16 Hudson Valley Parent n September 2017 , You don't need an appointment for your child's school, camp or sports physical. Take a break from enjoying the summer sun and walk in to your nearest Health Quest Urgent Care office today. S E E N B Y O N E . C A R E D F O R B Y M A N Y . LaGrangeville | Wappingers Falls Open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week Make summer physicals as important as summer fun. Perseverance is key Students with an attitude that makes them persevere will do better academically. A student's self-perception in school is called academic mindset. This includes how they view themselves as learners in relation to their school setting and includes beliefs about abilities, value of education and disposition towards completing work. Successfully maneuvering tedious or challenging tasks is important for reaching long term goals even if the short term seems too difficult. Children who are able to build self-control are happier and less stressed. Skills to deal with difficult situations are often not innate. Actionable steps to take when stressed, overwhelmed or feeling out of control sometimes need to be taught. Don't forget to read Another key factor in success is reading. Hooking children into reading opens access to many of their uncharted passages in life. Reading provides exposure to new information which helps young kids broaden their understanding of the world around them. They are prepared for action on a new task because their brain has been exercised through reading and has developed critical neuropathways. A successful child is creative and uses their imagination. Reading boosts this and provides opportunity for self improvement. Start early and read to your child often to develop their love of reading. Young children will begin to follow the flow of a story and understand that print has meaning. As they develop the language skills, ask questions about what was read, what they think might happen and how this story connects with something that they already know. As they become more comfortable with reading, allow them to reread books they are familiar with to deepen their understanding and build their fluency. Maintain reading as part of a daily routine. Provide access to reading material, including trips to the local library. The parents' responsibility A successful child has an involved parent. Enforce other healthy habit like clean eating, physical activity, consistent bedtimes and limited screen time. CHILD'S POTENTIAL (Continued from Page 14)

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