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Page 18 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 19 daughter, who is now four," says Anderson. She continues, "I suffered two more miscarriages during 2015, which was when I asked to be tested once again. In February 2016, my doctor's told me I should seek an aggressive treatment, since my result was a level three, and four is the normal level warranting treatment. It was after this treatment I was able to conceive my second daughter, who is now 10 months. Anyone experiencing infertility, multiple miscarriages, unexplainable hair loss and depression bouts please go and get tested!" Don't ignore the symptoms Hypothyroidism is due to "an underactive thyroid gland that is By KRISTINA LASHER T hyroid disease is the most common endocrine disorder affecting women, which can also complicate pregnancy, according to the Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science. What is also common is the lack of testing for this condition. "I suffered my first miscarriage in 2010, which is when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism," says Dana Anderson, who grew up in Hyde Park and is now the mother of two girls. "I received treatment for a few months, but after further testing, the doctors determined I no longer required the medication. While in Germany serving in the U.S. military, I conceived my first unable to produce enough of its hormone in order to keep the body functioning properly," according to The American Thyroid Association. It is an imbalance of hormones which results in patients suffering symptoms of this disease. The most common symptoms of hypothyroidism include, fatigue, weight gain, a "puffy face", cold intolerance, muscle and joint pain, constipation, dry skin, thinning hair, irregular menstrual periods and infertility problems. Under tested, undetected Hypothyroidism may be the most common endocrine condition facing women, but it is underdiagnosed for some reason. Lisa Ruiz of Montgomery continues to search for an answer to her symptoms, even after two years of searching. She says, "I have been in the diagnosis process for nearly two years because the doctor is unwilling to do additional testing to investigate further into the problem." In Ruiz's case, doctors are searching for other sources for her symptoms. She says, "I have also been diagnosed with a severe case of Lyme disease, or continue to be re-infected on a regular basis, while my doctors focus on finding other suitable reasons for my symptoms, but a diagnosis has not happened yet." Monique Dinelli, mother of three sons from Pleasant Valley, suffered complications due to a delay in diagnosis. She explains, "I was first Noticing more hair in the drain? It could be serious! What you need to know about hypothyroidism Dana Anderson suffered mulitiple miscarriages while getting her hypothyroidism under control. Now, a mother of two, she encourages others to know the symptoms and get tested. (Continued on Page 20)

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