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26 Hudson Valley Parent n January 2018 A series answering parents' toughest questions when raising a teen Keep the conversation going. See the complete article and get tips to raise respectful kids at Dr. Paul Schwartz Professor of psychology and education Jill Valentino Mother of two from Pine Bush The consequences of respect become magnified during adolescence when sexuality and dating becomes a bigger issue. Talk about how a lack of respect might feel by role playing with your children. Teach empathy by having conversations with your children about how certain behaviors make them feel, and then asking them to try to understand how this might make others feel. Correct adolescents when they are rude act or speak disrespectfully. Parents are the first model of respect that children have. Take a breath and remember you are a vital part in building the respectful society we all want to live in. Children learn how to treat peers. But, are they taught to treat peers with respect? Teaching my daughters to respect opposite sex peers is an ongoing lesson. When my kid was 3, my husband and I went through a rough patch. When I would speak to him, the words I chose to use weren't always very kind. She wasn't paying attention, right? Wrong! When I heard my child admonish my husband with the same tone I used, I was shocked. Since then, I have tried to make certain that I always treat my husband respectfully. Though, uh, nobody is perfect (yet another life lesson!). How do I talk to my teen about being sensitive and respectful to kids of the opposite sex? See Children's Health Tips 24/7on our website 9 Local Oces 845.452.1700

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