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Page 18 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 19 does Kit get do to it and not me?" I explained that I started both girls out slowly. They would be in the mall. I would be in the food court. They would go to a movie, with me a theater or two away, or I would sit in the back row sometimes. Slowly, I would expand the freedom and drop the girls off but be right there at the end of the movie or allow some time at the mall without me. He needed those first steps too. It took a while for Peter to agree, but he accepted that we had to take a few steps toward freedom, not a big leap. His first shot at being alone was at school football game. I spent the time in my car in the parking lot just in case he experienced sensory overload with the full bleachers and the loud cheering. Peter did great (texting me to remember not to come to the stands), so we tried lunch at a local burger place which has a Starbucks right next door. "I will remember to wait for my change this time," he says with a huge grin before he goes in (since he almost left money at the bowling alley a few weeks before). Somehow, I still get that lump in my throat, the same one I had when I sent each of my children off to preschool. Not a sad feeling, one of excitement with concern. Is he ready for me not to be right there? Looking towards the future Other rites of passage are still question marks. Will Peter ever be able to drive? At the moment, I think it is too early to tell. For now, we both agree that he gets distracted too easily to be behind the wheel. When we both think he is ready, I know there are special driving classes to address his particular needs. Until then, he is happy to be a passenger and learning how to navigate public transportation with his class in school. Peter has declared that he does not want to have a girlfriend or wife ever. "Too complicated," he says adding, "I will be the cool uncle." Peter and I are still figuring it out. I have told all my children this is not just new for them, it is new for me too. We have to adjust from time to time and have patience. There will be many more moments where I watch my 6' 3" son take independent steps toward adulthood. Moments we are so glad to have. Patrice Athanasidy, who lives with her family in Westchester, has written for numerous publications in the tri-state area. She is an adjunct instructor at Manhattan College in the communication department. • Treating infants through teens, and children with special needs • Braces, Invisalign, Orthodontic appliances • Sedation with Nitrous Oxide • Fun & Friendly Atmosphere • Most insurances accepted • Spanish speaking doctor and staff Dr. Jeffrey J. Kim, DDS Orthodontist Dr. Agnes Barbagallo, DDS Pedodontist Providing Excellent, Comprehensive Orthodontic and Pediatric Dental Care 400 Midway Park Drive, Middletown • 845-344-4336 Favorite HUDSON VALLEY PARENT Healthcare Professionals & 2016

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