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22 Hudson Valley Parent n March 2018 relievers until we were referred to a pediatric neurologist in Albany," she says. Avoiding triggers Even after the diagnosis of a migraine, children can continue to suffer. What triggers a migraine episode for each person is totally unique. Certain foods, lack of sleep or dehydration are triggers for some kids. Too much exercise or change of seasons can trigger others. Parents can find themselves playing detective trying to track down exactly what tips off their child's painful symptoms. VanLeuven says the doctor told her to keep a diary of her daughter's symptoms and potential triggers. "After keeping the diary we learned that stress and lack of sleep were major triggers for her as well as sugar intake. During the summer when she is in summer camp or any kind of sports that cause natural dehydration she suffers the most." Finding the right treatment For some parents one trip to the doctor doesn't give them the answers they need. Seeking out a specialist can send parents on a lengthy journey to discover the root cause of their child's migraine episodes. Paterson says, "The process was and still is grueling; I never imagined you would have to advocate and fight so much to help your child get better. We have met with over 10 neurologists between outpatient and inpatient treatment stemming from Albany to Philadelphia. We have seen neurologists, headache specialists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, an ENT, allergists, immunologists and gastroenterologists (for abdominal migraines and Gastro paresis)," she says. There are over one hundred medications designed to treat MIGRAINES (Continued from Page 20) OF SMILES! TO A SUMMER WELCOME... A camp is where your children can learn new skills, make new friends, experiment with ideas and grow in self-esteem. ‡)RUER\VDQGJLUOVDJHVWR ‡6SHFLDOSURJUDPIRUWKDQGWKJUDGHUV ‡'DLO\5HG&URVV6ZLPOHVVRQV ‡/XQFKDQGVQDFNSURYLGHGGDLO\ ‡([WHQGHGKRXUVDQGWUDQVSRUWDWLRQDYDLODEOH ‡)DPLO\RZQHGDQGRSHUDWHGLQ /DJUDQJHYLOOH•1

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