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10 Hudson Valley Parent n March 2018 ©2017 NaturaLawn ® of America, Inc. A division of NATURLAWN ® 6HUYLFHV3URGXFWV(DFKRIÀFHLQGHSHQGHQWO\RZQHGDQGRSHUDWHG Kick the ticks the safer way. When considering the KHDOWKEHQHÀWVIRU \RXUIDPLO\XVHD VDIHUDOWHUQDWLYH 2XUSURJUDPRIIHUV VHDVRQORQJFRQWURORI WLFNVRQ\RXUSURSHUW\ ( 845 ) 471-8308 6DIH11DWXUDO#7LFN5DQJHUFRP Contact us for your FREE price quote. $50 OFF a Full Program! :KHQ\RXEHFRPHDQHZ7LFN5DQJHU ® customer. Satisfaction guaranteed or ZH·OOUHWUHDWDWQRFRVW-2IIHUHQGVVRRQ Just For Women ME TIME ! Bring your lunch from home Looking to save your wallet and your waistline? Eat out less! Bringing lunch from home will save you money and you can choose exactly what you put in your body. Choose fresh foods that are full of color and flavor so you don't get tempted by the donuts your co-worker brought in. Switch up the boring sandwich and chips for a more interesting and filling lunch. Try a wrap or pita with hummus and veggies and fresh cheese. Swap the salty chips for some crunchy bell peppers with low-fat ranch dip. Steal an idea from your kids to finish off lunch with a sweet but healthy swap. A frozen tube of Go-Gurt will satisfy your sweet tooth and could trick you into thinking you are indulging! Make sure to not let your lunch get boring! Switch up your snacks and make lunches you will look forward to eating. Get your co-workers to join in on the fun! Swap lunchbox recipes and bring healthy snacks to share instead of sweet treats. The break room will be the place to be!

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