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Page 16 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 17 Health Tips for Infants, Toddlers, ' Tweens & Teens 24/7 on our website 9 Local Oces 845.452.1700 A series answering parents' toughest questions when raising a teen Keep the conversation going. See the complete article and get tips to help raise your teens at Dr. Paul Schwartz Professor of psychology and education Kristina Lasher Mother of two from Poughkeepsie Young people who are victims of cyberbullying may act withdrawn or depressed, show reluctance to go to school and fall behind in schoolwork. There might also be a change in your teen's usual pattern of online communication. If you have reason to believe your child is a victim, bully or bystander, you need to ask him or her about it. You both should be calm, so your child doesn't shut down and refuse to talk. Remind your child that you are there for them, no matter what. Support your children emotionally and let them know that their safety and emotional well-being are your biggest priorities. Get help from others like school personnel or even the police who are experts with the issue of cyberbullying. Most parents are unaware of their teen's digital activity, which puts them in the most danger. My husband and I have maintained an open and ongoing dialogue about our teens' technology use. Bullying becomes more complicated when the bully is hiding under the mask of anonymity. Parents should check the privacy setting for their kids' social media applications. I used to think cyberbullying was unique to social media, but it turns out gaming applications are just as pervasive when it comes to exposing children to cyberbullying. It becomes a bigger problem when teens are not honest with their parents. If my child did not speak to me about what was going on, I may bring the issue to her school guidance counselor. How can I talk to my kids about online bullying? $OO

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