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Page 28 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 29 brag about their kids Mom Crystal says: She wants to help the Earth. She is constantly concerned about recycling and littering. Every chance she gets she teaches everyone she comes in contact with about the importance of recycling and please don't litter. Let's keep the Earth clean and around forever is her saying. Mom Rachel says: He has been intrinsically motivated to give back. He always makes sure I give him money to donate whenever he sees fundraisers such as Veterans at grocery stores, Salvation Army volunteers, Volunteer Firefighter "Boot" fundraisers, Alex Lemonade stands at his school, stuffing book bags at United Way, etc. He wrote a story about a group of talking cows who take a trip to the moon. He's a great writer for his age and it was an entertaining short story. He wants to publish it on Amazon to raise money for his favorite charity. His newest thing to do is take left over food and drive to find homeless people and hand it to them. On Easter we took a box of granola bars and drove into the City of Poughkeepsie. He saw a man pushing a cart and Nathaniel could tell he was homeless. "There! Mom!" he said. We pulled the car over. Nathaniel rolled down his window and handed the man the box. The man said, "Oh, thank you. God Bless You." Nathaniel got a big smile and as we drove away he said, "He was so appreciative, Mom. We should do this every holiday." Finalist: Chacyn, 7 of Florida Finalist: Nathaniel, 10 of Poughkeepsie Sponsored by

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