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6 Hudson Valley Parent n July 2018 Publisher TERRIE GOLDSTEIN Editor CASSIDY BRIGHTON Dir. of Business Development KATHLEEN MERZ Executive Assistant LESLIE CORTES Media Advisors CHRISTY OLIVIER MATTHEW SILVERMAN Layout & Design ENGLE PRINTING also publishers of MY family MY family Hudson Valley Parent is published monthly by: The Professional Image Marketing & Public Relations Inc. 174 South Street • Newburgh, NY 12550 Phone: 845-562-3606 • Fax: 845-562-3681 This publication is copyrighted by the publisher. Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Hudson Valley Parent welcomes submissions, although we cannot accept responsibility for work submitted nor guarantee publication. J uly is National Ice Cream Month and I am ready to celebrate! Nothing says summer like a family trip to your favorite ice cream joint for some after-dinner cones. When I was growing up, I lived walking distance from one of the best ice cream stands in the Hudson Valley. The Frostee Freeze in Walden was my friends' go-to summer hangout spot. We would order up our favorites and sit on one of the old red picnic tables by the creek to enjoy a summer night. My friends and I would spend hours trying to skip rocks along the water (an art I still have not mastered by the way) and laugh until my twist cone with rainbow sprinkles had dripped all the way to my elbow. As we got older, my twin brother got his first job at this hometown hot spot and would always sneak me an extra cherry on top of my sundae. As with so many of my summer memories, these trips to the ice cream stand have changed over the years. Now, I grab my nephew's hand and we walk together to get our dairy treats. He orders strawberry ice cream with gummy bears and I stick to my twist cone with rainbow sprinkles (no matter how old I get, this will always be a classic!). On our Facebook page, we asked parents like you to tell us where they take their family when they are craving an icy cold treat. My summer adventures will definitely take me to some of the dairy bars and ice cream joints that you suggested. Something that hasn't changed about summer is how much there is to do in the Hudson Valley and where parents look for that information. Hudson Valley Parent is packed (online and right here in this magazine) with family fun for summer. While your kids play with sparklers in the backyard and enjoy summer carnivals, you already have thoughts of the impending school year on the brain. By the time the last firework booms, you won't be able to escape the back-to-school commercials. Heading back to school just meant that I got to pick colorful new notebooks and fill my Jansport with fresh Lisa Frank folders. For my mother, it meant something completely different. She was daunted with the task of making sure my brothers and I were at schools where we could flourish. Choosing a school for your child can seem overwhelming. That's why Hudson Valley Parent is here to do some of the work for you. We have once again provided you with tons of schools to choose from. In our best school guide ever, I'm sure there is something that will fit your child's needs. Still having trouble narrowing down your search for the best education? Check out our article on how to choose a school based on its philosophy. Meet with teachers and tour some local schools to find one that fits your child's specific learning needs. Kick back this month with another copy of HV Parent filled from cover to cover with amazing parenting support. From choosing a preschool to dealing with teens and online bullying, we've got you covered. Summer is sweet CASSIDY BRIGHTON Editor's Journal

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