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Page 18 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 19 enough inflammation suppressors. According to the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine, a few studies have shown that people with autoimmune arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, have exacerbation of their symptoms when they consume nightshade vegetables. The earliest mention of inflammation and nightshade vegetables may be found in Ayurvedic medicine which recommended limiting the intake of such vegetables in people suffering from excess heat, warmth, or inflammation. Ayurvedic medicine originated in India over 5000 years ago, before nightshades came to India. Therefore, it is no surprise that new plants like nightshades were viewed with some skepticism by Ayurvedic physicians. Food intolerances and allergies could be to blame Nightshade vegetables did not cause their rheumatoid arthritis. Rather, the true inflammatory agents in the typical Western diet are the added oils, sugar, refined grains, animal dairy, meat, and other chemicals. Traditional healthy diets of the past contained fresh ingredients, unprocessed grains and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Along with the rising rates of life-threatening food allergies to nuts, many people are suffering from food intolerances or sensitivities to foods like gluten, soy, corn, and nightshade vegetables. The scientific consensus is that the damage to our microbiome, the good bugs that cover our skin, line our air passages and reside in our intestines has severely altered many of our immune systems. Over sanitization, over use of antibiotics, increased cesarean sections, pesticides, and overly processed diets have dramatically altered our gut microbiome setting the stage for food allergies and sensitivities. The important concept to keep in mind is that our food needs to provide us with optimal health in the present day world. The world is a very different place nowadays from how it was 5000 years ago or 100 years ago. We all need to focus on making more of our own food from scratch, using a wide assortment of fresh greens, vegetables, whole grains, and fruit, cutting out the added oils and sugar, and decreasing or even eliminating meat and animal dairy. For the vast majority of us, nightshade vegetables can and should be a part of a healthy, varied, plant-based diet. If you find yourself having sensitivities to foods, consider eliminating the real culprits in your diet, namely the processed foods, meat and animal dairy. For more information, read the book The Good Gut, by Sonnenburg. Padma Garvey is a local mom and doctor who follows a plant-based diet. (Not So) Spooky Family Events 38 THE BEST OF HALLOWEEN FOR YOUNG KIDS Enjoy all of the treats with none of the tricks all month long! Jeepers creepers! Halloween can be way too scary for some little ones. We collected some frighteningly-fun Halloween events that won't scare the pants off your little ghost or goblin. • Costume contests • Pumpkin carving • Parades • And more!

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