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24 Hudson Valley Parent n October 2018 Early Intervention Services Early Intervention Services 75 CRYSTAL RUN RD., SUITE 201 MIDDLETOWN, NY 10941 845-692-4391 • "Making the Future Brighter, One Child at a Time!" Our mission is to provide quality Evaluative and Therapeutic Early Intervention Services We Provide a Full Range of Services: Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Psychological Services & Special Instruction Services We tailor these services to specif ically target each child's needs with an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Growing up means new needs Transition from school to adult life is another complicated time for families with children with special needs. Guardianship, trusts, housing, and more become the next set of hurdles to address. Jessica B. Baumann, director of educational advocacy services at Westchester Independent Living Center and Putnam Independent Living Services, points to several online sites to learn about Guardianship in New York. The New York Courts site defines guardianship as "a legal arrangement where a court gives a person the legal right to make decisions for another person who is unable to make decisions for themselves." For children with disabilities, it is recommended that the process, which can take some time, begin around a child's 17th birthday. The New York Court website explains, "In New York State, when a person becomes 18 years old they are assumed to be legally competent to make decisions for themselves. This means no other person is allowed to make a personal, medical or financial decision for that individual. If a person is 'intellectually disabled or developmentally disabled,' has difficulty making decisions for themselves and over 18 years old, you can ask the Surrogate's Court to appoint a guardian for him or her." Carminucci says that although there are websites to aid parents to get through the guardianship process, a lawyer can also be quite helpful, especially when the details are more complicated, involving assets for example. "If you have property, that is another situation that parents really need legal guidance SPECIAL NEEDS LAW (Continued from Page 23) ®

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