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Page 16 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 17 one-on-one time with each of them and develop nurturing relationships tailored to their individual needs. Danielle Powell, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist at One Village Counseling in Kingston, once worked with a child with multiple siblings who all thrived at team sports, though she herself did not enjoy them. "She found herself feeling alone, different or like something was wrong," Powell says. "Every child has an interest out there waiting to be found. They just might need some help discovering what that may be." Though it can be frustrating at times for parents to understand children who have different temperaments than their own, understanding that natural-born temperament is the reason behind some decisions and behaviors can ultimately help parents develop stronger relationships with their kids. "Meeting a child where they are, and seeing them for who they are, speaks volumes to the child," Powell says. Manage misconceptions There are several common misconceptions about temperament that can affect how outsiders see children in both groups. People often think that introverts are shy or anxious, or wonder if extroverts have a hyperactivity disorder like ADHD. "Often that's not it - it's just that they each have particular ways of self-soothing and interacting with the world," Dr. Batson says. Regardless of which temperament a child possesses, parents can ensure (Continued on Page 18) • A happy, safe and caring environment encouraging a child's physical, creative, and intellectual growth • Serving children of all abilities • Early and after care hours available Kathy Masloski, Director 845-883-5151 40 Park Lane, Highland, NY 12528 845-293-5600 228 Ward Street, Montgomery, NY 12549 AN INTEGRATED PRESCHOOL PROGRAM Learning Together, where children explore the world the way they learn best, through play!

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