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18 Hudson Valley Parent n November 2018 they flourish by serving as role models in good decision- making and helping them understand optimal behavior in different situations. A particularly extroverted child, for example, may need a parent's guidance in learning that running around is perfect for the soccer field, but not so much for the library. Sometimes extroverts may also be so energetic and talkative that they miss social cues or are disruptive in their classrooms. These are behaviors that parents can help them recognize and work on. For introverts, spending too much time in large groups can drain their energy and make them cranky or zone out. Given that, parents should keep in mind that a birthday sleepover with twenty kids may not be enjoyable for the child and look for smaller group alternatives. Introverts may also need more help navigating social situations that make them feel anxious or overwhelmed. If they dread the lunchroom, parents can coach them to pick one or two friends to try to sit with and help them come up with conversation starters. "It can be as simple as suggesting they say 'Hey, what do you think of the lunch today?'" says Dr. Batson. Of course, these temperaments do not mean that only introverts enjoy reading alone or taking quiet walks or that only extroverts like to socialize in big groups and play team sports. "While extroverted children may be more inclined to group activities such as team sports or social gatherings, children who lean towards introversion may also find these activities enjoyable if they are given time before and after to regroup on their own," says Powell. INTROVERTED KID (Continued from Page 17) Helping people with challenges live the fullest life possible. If you're looking for supports for children and families... If you're caring for a medically fragile child at home... If you're working to recover... If you're working to be healthy... If you're in crisis or know someone who is... ...We are here to help 1-888-750-2266

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