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Page 18 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 19 It's your job to embrace and push your child Although it's always important to embrace children's natural temperament, there are times when parents may need to push them to step outside of their comfort zone. "Encouraging a highly introverted child to participate in a group setting or social activity (in small doses) can help them learn more about themselves and how to navigate different situations," says Powell. "A child who may be highly extroverted may benefit from being taught about others' needs for alone time, and having them practice quiet time themselves," she adds. And if you're concerned that your child is at a disadvantage because he is of one temperament or another, you can relax. Temperament stays with children as they grow up, but it does not seem to have a negative impact on the people they become. "A study last year looked at long-term outcomes for both introverts and extroverts," says Dr. Batson. "It found no significant difference. Both groups turned out just fine." Elora Tocci is a local freelance writer "If a parent and child have di er- ent temper- aments, it's important to help parents understand what the child needs." DR. NICHOLAS BATSON Division lead for psychiatry at Crystal Run Healthcare Early Intervention Services Early Intervention Services 75 CRYSTAL RUN RD., SUITE 201 MIDDLETOWN, NY 10941 845-692-4391 • "Making the Future Brighter, One Child at a Time!" Our mission is to provide quality Evaluative and Therapeutic Early Intervention Services We Provide a Full Range of Services: Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Psychological Services & Special Instruction Services We tailor these services to specif ically target each child's needs with an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

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