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Page 24 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 25 brag about their kids Mom Telina says: "He will try new stuff all the time. He fishes and insists he doesn't need help putting worms on the hooks. He will make friends at the playground even with preteens. He is so outgoing and open to new experiences. Tyler loves to travel and eat new foods. He is starting track (totally his choice) soon. Learning to swim was a breeze for him. I have always encouraged him to be the best and to have fun. One of the best things about Tyler is he encourages his three-year-old brother Noah to try stuff all the time. Tyler is so amazing and way more courageous than I ever was. He jumps off boulders, kayaks and reads chapter books!" Sponsored by Mom Kim says: "Even though he may be shy or hesitant to try something new, he still pushes himself to do it! Axell ice skates, swims, rides ATVs, rock climbs, bikes, hover boards, kayaks, competes in Spartan races, has played soccer, golf and baseball, practices Tae Kwon Doe, does gymnastics and ninja warrior training, and participates in a variety of camps. Axell also completed his first kids' triathlon in August. As parents, we are proud of him for the very fact that he tries new things and has become such a great role model for his little brother (who is following in his footsteps). It is an incredible and beautiful thing to see children blossom and grow as they experience what life has to offer." Finalist: Axell, 6 of Hamptonburgh Finalist: Tyler (left), 6 of Carmel

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