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Page 36 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 37 Squigz by Fat Brain Toys These might be my favorite sensory toys to play with. The rubbery, bendable Squigz not only stick to each other, but also to windows, refrigerators, tables and tiles. These wiggly, wobbly toys are 100% food- grade silicone, BFA free and latex free. You can stick them together to make giant towers, bridges, and robots or toss them at the window and watch them bounce around for hours of giggles! Squigz also make an incredibly satisfying "snap" when you pull them apart. I'll usually have a few on my desk to fidget with when I'm under a deadline. They also help kids improve fine motor skills, visual-spatial awareness and imagination while they create wildly abstract structures. Yoga Ball by Gaiam I may wear yoga pants every day, but my son is the only one using our bright orange stability ball. Our occupational therapist showed us some awesome activities to help strengthen and stretch his muscles. On the days when his little body is bonkers, we grab the "bouncy ball" to help center his system. With his mama-trainer in tow, he is able to sit upright and still for thirty seconds which uses a lot of muscles and coordination. He can also lay on his back while I slowly roll him backwards to touch the floor with By RIELLY GREY A s a mom of a child on the autism spectrum, I'm always on the lookout for products that can help my son adjust and interact with the world around him. Throughout the day we play with a variety of super fun toys that help him get the wiggles out, engage with others and focus his mind and body. Of course, there's tons of resources for DIY projects, but seriously, who has time for all that? And think of all the mess! So, if you're a mama on the go like me, check out these sensory- centered toys that won't break your schedule or your wallet. Roll & Play by ThinkFun This six-sided plush cube is a fantastic, active game for kids. Roll the cube and choose the corre- sponding color card for creative instructions such as "moo like a cow" or "make a sleepy face" or "find something blue." This game gets kids up and moving while learning about emotions, the body, counting and sequencing. Reading and acting out each card also promotes communication skills. For extra sensory fun, place the card piles in different places around the room, like high up on a shelf or under a chair to help workout their core muscles through bending and stretching. his hands and then forwards to tap his feet. The yoga ball is a great sensory workout and usually results in a super happy and chill kid. Chewelry by Ark Therapeutic While these aren't technically toys, they are fabulously fun for kids who need constant oral input. The company has a wide and vibrant variety of chewy styles including bricks, lightsabers, guitars, pizza slices, dino tracks, stars, hearts and more. Most come in three levels of toughness and are molded into either a bracelet or necklace so your child has easy access to satisfy their sensory needs. In addition, these products are made from medical grade silicone, FDA compliant, and free from lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA and latex. Bubble Blowing Bear by Pustefix The worst part about bubbles is dipping the wand that's always too short for the bottle, and basically spilling bubble solution everywhere. Thank goodness for Bubble Bears! The wand is attached to the bear so all you have to do is give it a little belly squeeze and out pops the wand ready for bubble making. It's magical. The best part, I can pass it over to my toddler without fear of prewashing all our furniture. The squeezing and blowing actions are great sensory input as well. Rielly is a part-time writer and full-time mama to an adorable toddler with autism. Sensational toys for sensory kids 6 top toys

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