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those that recognize the issue and start treatment early," says Ellison. "If left untreated, these behaviors can manifest and be precursors to issues of substance abuse, mental illness, legal or educational problems in adolescence." Additionally, many families see behavioral gains as quickly as the first phase, child-directed interaction. "Children don't come with manuals, and PCIT teaches parents the skills to eliminate disruptive behaviors." If you think that your child could have ODD, seek help. Early intervention can help you and your child get through the tough times and give you the answers you so desperately need. Hudson Valley Family Therapy offers a free behavioral consultation and free parenting tips on Facebook, or can be found at Here are six behavioral traits that stood out to me as problematic: 1. Excessive tantrums Do your child's tantrums last hours and hours over something seemingly minor, and include throwing, hitting, spitting, crying, screaming and yelling with no end in sight? 2. Defiant behavior Is your child doing the exact opposite of what is asked of him, whether it is something small like brushing their teeth or something big like not hitting? 3. Mood swings One minute your child is happy and laughing and the next he's grumpy and mad. This could be over something as minute as a toy not working the way he wanted it to. 4. Lack of affection Children with ODD do not always show affection. Try not to make a big deal about it and just move on. Relish the moments when he does give you a hug. 5. Lack of sleep Interrupted sleep can add to an already explosive child. 6. Aversion to praise Children with ODD don't always like praise. If this is the case in your situation, find something that she does like, such as imitating play. Most importantly, hang in there. Don't be too hard on yourself as the parent and give yourself a break when you need it. Having a child with ODD is extremely difficult and can feel very isolating. Meagan Ruffing is a freelance writer living with a 4-year-old who has ODD and a 1-year-old who tries to keep up with the circus. Mall-O-Ween Trick or Treat Wednesday, October 31 Thursday, October 31 BUY ONE PRODUCT, 5-7pm Trick or Treating followed by a Show in Center Court Photograph Opportunities by NOERR Programs GET THE SECOND 50% OFF *Some restrictions may apply, see associate for details. europeanwax MONROE / 845 395 0500 215 Larkin Drive / Monroe, NY 10950 Monroe Harriman Commons by Outback Steakhouse 4714_Monroe_Hudson-Valley-Parent.indd 1 8/28/13 11:09 AM 845.297.7600 www. poughkeepsiegalleriamall .com Hudson Valley Parent 13 n eurpoean wax center poughkeepsie galleria mall poughkeepsie mall shopping center

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