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Back-to-school germ busters 5 'stay healthy' tips for avoiding classroom cooties Soccer champion Christie Rampone has learned the secret to staying healthy. She maintains this healthy lifestyle even on the road, especially since her daughters, Reece and Rylie, often accompany her. S chool is a great place to learn, play and make friends. Unfortunately it's also a great place for germs to get very well-acquainted … with your entire family! With 20 to 30 kids in a classroom and even more on the playground, it's hard to avoid the germs that cause such illnesses as colds, flus and more. 22 Hudson Valley Parent n October 2013 Three-time gold medalist, wife and busy mom of two, Christie Rampone, knows the importance of good health. As captain of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team, she travels over 200 days a year, often with her young children in tow. So stress, fatigue and staying healthy are daily battles. The U.S. captain is one of her country's fastest, strongest and most tenacious players. The central defender became the first U.S. player to compete for four Olympic teams during the 2012 London Olympics. Since days off are not an option for Rampone, she is offering five "stay healthy" tips that parents can follow all school year long: 1. Eat healthy It's no secret, a balanced diet is key for a healthy immune system. By focusing on a variety of fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods and sugary snacks, your family will get the nutrition it needs to fight off germs during the school year. "Some of my favorite healthy snacks are carrots, celery and apples. They are easy to pack and extremely nutritious," says Rampone.

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